Public Works

The road network of the municipality is 82.47 km excluding the provincial road numbered 247.

The department takes charge of public works including: mowing of the shoulders, digging ditches, reloading roads, reconstruction of roads, street cleaning, paving, snow removal, road culverts, and maintenance of public buildings, water treatment systems, aqueduct and sewers.

Snow Removal

Some works are contracted such as snow removal on municipal roads. As for the maintenance of private roads, this belongs to the owners of these roads.

When snow clearing your entrances, be sure to put the snow on the edge of your entrance and not on the roadway or across the street. You may be liable to a fine.

Cutting trees in the right-of-way

The municipality is responsible for cleaning the trees and the sides of the roads. Pruning helps to clean trees that could obstruct traffic and visibility of the road network. By doing this work, we try to prevent trees from falling on the roadway.


Each owner is responsible for the culverts that are used to enter its property. Maintenance of the entrance including the culvert is the responsibility of the owner, whether built by the owner or the municipality. The owner must keep the driveway in good condition at all times to avoid damage to the roadway that could lead to accidents.

When the municipality is digging your ditch and you want to replace the culvert on your property, the municipality can do so if you provide all the necessary equipment including the culvert and the gravel.

You can also proceed without the intervention of the Public Works Department, the works and their consequences of the roads will be entirely your responsibility. Please note that you must obtain a permit beforehand in all cases before carrying out the work.


There is a water system in Fitch Bay Village. Water sampling is done every month to check the quality of the water. In order to save drinking water, we ask citizens whose properties are connected to the water system to avoid watering their lawns, cleaning their entrances and filling the pools.

Boiling notice: boil-up notices are listed on the home page under the new section of the website.

Network cleaning: once a year, the whole network of pipes is cleaned, in order to maintain the quality of drinking water. The citizens concerned are notified by a letter delivered directly to their property.

Sewage system

Two systems are on the territory, one in the middle of Georgeville (2,200 meters) and one in Fitch Bay (1,251 meters). We have two water treatment plants managed by a subcontractor. In order to preserve the system, it is forbidden to throw wipes into the toilet.