Civil security

The municipality of Stanstead Township has a plan in case of a major disaster since 2013.

Our Plan is the written result of our planning process which includes actions to be implemented to preserve the life and health of people, to provide relief, to save property or to mitigate the effects of a major disaster.

In order to carry out this plan, a Municipal Civil Protection Committee has been mandated by the municipal council to carry out this work.

The Municipal Civil Protection Organization

The Municipal Civil Protection Organization (OMSC) is our team in case of a disaster. OMSC members are partly municipal participants (municipal council members and employees), but also individuals (citizens of the municipality) who have volunteered to assist us in various “missions”. Everyone on this team has responsibilities and has a role to play in the event of a disaster. This team is organized as shown in the organizational chart below.

Ways to warn people

The Civil Protection Plan provides for a warning system for the Municipal Civil Protection Organization (OMSC) via a telephone network. Different ways to alert are planned to reach our population or remain in contact before, during or after a major disaster. These “ways” could be used in complementarity, depending on the case and according to emergency. Some ways would be favored for more urgent situations and other mode especially to do the follow up. Among the methods used are the use of radio media, door-to-door service by emergency services, megaphone, direct mailings, public notices and the municipality’s website are a few ones. An office for citizens service could also be set up if needed.

Emergency rooms

In order to be able to intervene adequately, emergency premises are provided for the main activities related to the OMSC missions such as municipal coordination of relief activities, Disaster Services (evacuees registration, temporary accommodation, food), Communication Services (public information, public meetings and press room).

External premises

The municipality has also planned that external premises may be needed. Mutual loan agreements have also been concluded with neighboring municipalities. Other agreements have been reached with organizations such as the Canadian Red Cross to support our Disaster Services team.

We have also adopted a slogan of our own in civil security.

The logo with the orange circle and the blue triangle represents the International Civil Security logo. Our slogan reaffirms one of the fundamental principles of civil security, because basically, every citizen should feel concerned by civil security and not just the municipality. It is in this way that we can become “resilient” to the risks.

And you? Are you prepared in case of a disaster? Would you be able to deal with an emergency?

We invite you to consult the various websites and information regarding prevention.

We strongly encourage you to have an emergency kit to meet your needs during the initial 72 hours of an emergency.