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2021 National Day  

2021 Snow Festival 

Despite the pandemic, many people were able to enjoy the outdoors. Here are the photos of the winners of the snow creation contest.

We thank all participants and encourage you to continue your outdoor activities.

2020 Christmas 

Here are the photos at the Christmas gifts distribution- December 2020 

Calendar 2021

Here are the photos submitted for the 2021 calendar.

Cleaning up at Fitch Bay

The first clean-up chore took place on Saturday, May 23rd. Here is a summary of the day:

  • 12 volunteers
  • 1 ½ hours to clean
  • 4 streets (or parts thereof) to collect GARBAGE left on the roadside
  • Cans, bottles, plastic, waste, tires and even a computer.

Many bags were filled and many smiles and jokes were made.  Thank you to the volunteers for your time and community spirit. 

See you next year for the second annual Fitch Bay clean-up.

Winter Carnival 2020

Presentation of medals to firefighters – July 2019

Canada Parade June 29th 2019

National Day Event June  2019

Inauguration Thayer Park May 2019

Snow Carnaval – January 2019

ACCS Christmas 2018

Photos contest for the 2019 calendar

Neighbours Picnic Lunch 2018

DuPont Brothers Concert 2018

Canada Day Parade 2018

Saint-Jean-Baptiste 2018

Snow Carnaval February 2018

Christmas Brunch 2017

Canada 150 – August 2017

Saint-Jean-Baptiste 2017