Société protectrice des animaux

An animal has been at your home and it is not yours, you have lost your pet and you can not find it, contact the SPA.

We have signed an agreement with the Société Protectrice des Animaux, whether it is for the registration of your animal with the medal service, the report of the presence of animals other than yours or if you lost your nice doggie, you need to dial 819-821-4727.

Miscellaneous information: (extract from the regulation)

  • Each animal must wear its medallion.
  • It is forbidden to let a dog free outside the boundaries of the building, the dwelling or the land of its guardian.
  • Outside these limits, the dog keeper must keep the dog on a leash. A
    dog not kept on a lead is presumed not to be under the control of his guardian.
  • A combined total of cats and dogs must not exceed 4.
  • No person is allowed to bring an animal in a public place, where there is an event or popular gathering.
  • The faeces of your pet must be picked up immediately is in a public place or park and / or private land.

145, Sauvé Street 
Sherbrooke (Québec) J1L 1L6

Phone: 819 821-4727
Fax: 819 823-1573


Dead Animals

If you see a dead deer on municipal roads, please inform the municipal office at 819-876-2948 with more detail as possible, including the nearest address and the name of the road. For the provincial highway (Route 247 including Narrows, Sheldon, Channel or Georgeville) please contact Ministère des Transports at 819-843-2423.

Report suspicious animals

Raccoons, skunks or foxes may carry rabies. To prevent the spread of rabies in the territory, call 1-877-346-6763 to report that one of these animals is found dead or is disoriented, abnormally aggressive or paralyzed.