Environmental Advisory Committee and releases

The committee is made up of citizens and council members. Meetings are once every two months.

In order to guide Council in making decision, the committee makes recommendations regarding environmental issues such as lake protection, invasive plant control, residual materials management, etc. The committee’s role is to respond to environmental concerns submitted by the Council and to follow up on them.




Sondage sur l'utilisation de la Baie Fitch seulement - Survey regarding the use of Fitch Bay

Ce questionnaire est une démarche municipale pour comprendre la perception des résidents du Canton de Stanstead de la baie Fitch concernant son utilisation collective. Votre collaboration est importante pour aider la municipalité à bien saisir les divers enjeux associés à l’utilisation de la baie. La confidentialité des répondants sera maintenue. / This survey is a municipal initiative to collect feedback from the residents living in Stanstead Township regarding their interaction and perceptions of the bay (Fitch). Your cooperation is important to help the municipality to understand the various issues associated with the various collective usage of the bay. The confidentiality of the respondents will be ensured.