STRATEGIC PLAN   2019-2023

 Dear Citizens,

The Municipality of the Township of Stanstead, mindful to inform each of its citizens of important decisions concerning the development of their municipality, invites you to the presentation of its strategic plan 2019-2023. This plan was developed following public consultations in May and June 2017 (survey and citizen meeting) and in the light of the work of a committee dedicated to the drafting of the action plan.

The meeting will take place on Saturday, August 25, 2018, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, at the Town Hall, located at 778 Sheldon Road). We believe that holding this meeting, planned on a weekend, will allow us to count on the presence of more citizens, including seasonal and permanent.

The animation will be provided by Mr. Janick Anctil, Communication Jean Malo. Following the presentation of the strategic plan, citizens’ questions can be asked in English and in French.

Why is your presence at this meeting important?

 – This strategic plan, whose official adoption is planned for the fall of 2018, will guide the actions and investments made by the municipality over the next five years. As a tax payer, you are directly concerned and your comments will be welcome.

– During the meeting, you will have the chance to attend the unveiling of an architectural drawing of the building that will include the fire department and the Stanstead Township town hall.

The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan contains many elements, grouped into three components.

Here are some examples of objectives for each component:

  • Social development:- Attract more young families (parks, mini homes etc.).- Develop a road safety plan that will, among other things, help reduce speeding and improve the sharing of the road between pedestrians and cyclists.

  • Economic development:- Initiate high-speed internet access for all citizens.- Promote the development of the agrotourism industry.

  • Environmental development:- Prioritize lake protection, with a particular focus on controlling navigation in Fitch Bay.- Control the proliferation of invasive alien species.

Schedule of the meeting of August 25 (spread the word to your neighbors):

9:30 am – Welcome by the facilitator, presentation of the speakers and explanation of the meeting

9:40 am – Introduction of the plan by Mayor Francine Caron Markwell. Presentation of the Strategic Plan 2019-2023 by Mr. Anctil.

10:40 am – Questions and comments period of the citizens

11:30 am – End of the meeting For more information, please contact Hélène Hamel at 819-876-2948 ext. 228 or at

Hoping to see you there in large numbers!

City Council


25 Aug 2018


09:30 AM


Town Hall
778 Chemin Sheldon, Stanstead, QC, Canada
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