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STANSTEAD TOWNSHIP, 21 NOVEMBER 2019 – Stanstead Township Council invites citizens of the municipality to attend the presentation evening of the new Fire Station/Town Hall project. It was reworked over the past year based on citizen comments received during the first presentation of the project in December 2018.

The Mayor of Stanstead Township, Mrs. Francine Caron Markwell, emphasizes: “During the past the year, the council has reworked the Fire Station-Town Hall project by integrating the citizens’ concerns, which we had gathered last December, and which had been favorably welcomed by the members of the council. ”

Citizens’ concerns about the first Fire Station-Town Hall project in a single building were linked to the following elements:
• Importance of preserving the built heritage of the current town hall;
• Good assessment of citizens’ ability to pay in the short, medium and long term;
• What use will be made of the places that would no longer be used by firefighters and municipal employees, that is to say, the current fire hall and the current town hall? What will be the repurposing costs of these buildings?

The Mayor continues: “With building experts, architects and accountants, council has reworked the project by integrating the concerns of citizens and has taken into consideration important elements for the council including offering a safe and healthy workplace for municipal employees, having universal access to municipal offices for seniors and people with reduced mobility and carrying out a project allowing the construction of a new fire station while preserving the current town hall. Council is proud of the revised project and would like to show it to the citizens. ”

This meeting is scheduled on November 28 at the Town Hall from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. After the presentation of the new project, other meetings will be planned in order to follow regulatory steps to allow the start of construction for the spring-summer of 2020. These steps are as follows:

1. Notice of motion and proposed borrowing by-law: December 2, 2019
2. Adoption of the borrowing by-law: December 16, 2019


Source: Francine Caron Markwell, Mayor of Stanstead Township
(819) 876-2948 ext.223