August 25, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. at 778 Sheldon Road, Stanstead Township
Hosted by Mr. Janick Anctil from Jean Malo
Opening – Welcome
Presentation of the strategic plan 2019-2023 by Francine Caron Markwell and Pierre Martineau
Presentation of the new plans of the fire hall and town hall
Question period

About 70 people present.

Steps taken :
• Spring 2017: creation of a committee made up of council members and the community
• May 2017: survey sent to the population. 16% response rate
• June 2017: public consultation; 32 people attend the discussions
• Summer 2017: drafting of the plan
• November 2017: municipal elections
• January – February 2018: meeting of the vision committee
• March – July 2018: reflection of the council
• August 2018: presentation of the plan to the community
• Fall 2018: adoption of the plan


Innovation, the quality of development and the dynamism of its communities are at the heart of the identity of the Municipality of Stanstead Township.
Haven of peace, landscape harmony, protection of the environment and architectural heritage, these features make it a place exception.

The areas of focus of the plan:
Social development
 Have a road safety plan
 Increase the sense of belonging
 Revitalization of the village centers
 Improve recreational spaces
 Counter the exodus of seniors
 Attract new families
 Improve communication with citizens

Economic development
 Promote the development of tourist activities
 Implement the Merchant Assistance Policy
 Accelerate access to high speed internet access throughout the municipality

Environmental Development
 Protect the lakes
 Protect landscapes
 Education and awareness
 Continue the actions which are already underway

Fire Hall and Town Hall – architectural perspective

Question Period: Summary of Issues raised at the presentation
Social: 24 questions and comments regarding
– The infrastructure of gravel roads, road safety, noise on the roads, the feeling of belonging, attraction of new families, redesign of zoning (mini homes, center for the elderly, businesses), beautification of the village of Fitch Bay.
Questions about the new fire hall-town hall: costs, design, location.

Environment: 14 questions and comments regarding
– Fitch Bay (noise, waves, water quality), glass recycling, cleanliness, composting toilets.

Economic: 4 questions and comments regarding
– Explain what is agrotourism, more details around the municipal support, the tourist committee.

Please note that this is a summary of the presentation and does not contain all the actions and information contained in the plan.
The 2019-2023 strategic plan will be adopted by the municipal council this fall and will be posted on the website following its adoption

Plan adopted : Plan Stratégique 2019-2023