My fellow citizens,
At present, incorrect and incomplete information is being circulated. Make sure you have the right information by consulting the municipality’s website.Example: at the moment, a flyer is being distributed saying that the multifunctional room will have an area of 2200 square feet which is totally false. This room, whose main use is the training of firefighters, has a surface area of 1170 square feet including a storage space of 154 square feet and toilets and showers (very useful during disasters) of 315 square feet + a small cloakroom, which leaves about 700 square feet of actual room.

Another point: “to be heard about raising taxes”, the municipality was very transparent and provided you with all the information on this subject. These data were validated by the accountant of the municipality.  In summary, if the interest rate was 3% for a loan spread over 25 years, the cost of taxes for a property of $200,000 would be $32.64/year or $60.06 for a property with an average value of $368,000.

These figures represent the worst case scenario to consider because :

  • It doesn’t take into account any subsidies we might get;
  • It does not take into account that once the mandate received from the population, the council will proceed to a re-evaluation of the needs with the architects, engineers, fire director in order to decrease the construction costs.
For the moment, the project was presented to you such as it is, we chose not to engage more professional fees before having a mandate from the population.
Discussions with the other member municipalities of the Régie have begun. The need for new fire station is being felt throughout the territory. We cannot put forward any figures for the moment but the initial discussions are encouraging, all agree that a “fair” way of sharing the costs of the new fire station will have to be determined.The relevance of additional space that could have several uses, grafted onto the central project, seems to have more and more relevance in this period of pandemic. Who would have told us just a few months ago that we would have to experience an event of this nature.

The future is unpredictable, as we can see, which is why, in all wisdom and foresight, we are convinced that the addition of a few extra square feet is a thoughtful decision by a visionary council that has at heart a municipality at the service of its citizens.

Good thinking.

If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact the mayor at 819-876-2948 ext. 223 or