Main steps

  • In order to be ready to submit a project under current or future federal and provincial government programs for the deployment of high-speed Internet, the RCM began a process in January 2019 to position itself in this file.
  • Accompanied by an expert in this field, the RCM has held meetings with elected officials over the past few months to define the founding principles of the future high-speed Internet network on the territory.
  • A territory characterization exercise was carried out to determine the coverage of high-speed Internet (sectors and buildings poorly served or not served).
  • With the help of the consultant, specifications were prepared, in order to allow a rigorous comparison of the quality of the proposals to be received. At the end of August 2019, these specifications were submitted to the 5 telecommunications companies that had expressed an interest in serving the territory.
  • The process was carried out with the five telecommunications companies that had expressed an interest in serving the RCM with high-speed Internet: Bell, Civimétix, COGECO, Groupe Déry and Vidéotron.
  • The 5 companies submitted a proposal.
  • A rigorous analysis of the files was carried out, based on the founding principles established and the criteria provided to the companies.
  • At the end of this process, it was determined that Videotron submitted the proposal that best met the established criteria:

o All residences in the underserved or unserved territory are covered by the project;

o The “fiber to the home” (FTTH) technology will be deployed;

o The project is zero cost to municipalities.

  • The RCM has negotiated an agreement with the company Vidéotron, so that the company can apply for financial assistance under current and future government and CRTC programs with the support of the MRC.
  • Vidéotron has filed applications for financial assistance under the various programs in progress.
  • For the Régions Branchées program, the results of which were known in May 2020, with the following result:


RCM of Memphrémagog Supplier / Applicant Estimated number of households*
Régions branchées, Québec high speed internet Bell Canada 235
Régions branchées, Québec high speed internet Câble Axion 2 135
Régions branchées, Québec high speed internet Vidéotron 870

* Estimated number of households: Over the next few weeks, MEI will negotiate work agreements with selected suppliers. The detailed rollout plan will then be confirmed. The number of homes could be adjusted, possibly upwards.

  • Although the RCM only supported Videotron, the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation (MEI) deemed it preferable to share the financial assistance granted as shown above among 3 companies.
  • Negotiations would be completed between the MEI and the three companies (and the agreements about to be signed).
  • The final maps of the territories served and the addresses should be known by mid-January, we are told.


The French version of this text prevails.

Internet 18 12 2020 – RCM