This summer of 2019, the Township has set up a glass recycling system. Currently, all the recyclable glass is sent with the other recyclable materials to the Régie de recuperation de l’Estrie, is shredded and destined to become a layer in landfills. But from now on, it will be sorted by colour at the 2M Ressources sorting center. In this way, the glass will essentially end up melted to make new glass material and, by the same token, it’s withdrawal from the blue recycling bins will limit the contamination of other recyclables.

The old school/community center site in Fitch Bay has been selected as the dropping point for this initiative, using a container emptied regularly, where citizens will be able to come and drop off their recyclable glass. Moreover, a blue recycling bin will be maintained to recover the lids and a black bin will serve to take all non recyclables.

Once rinsed, the only accepted materials are glass containers including:

 Glass bottles, with or without labels;
 Glass jars and vials;
 All other glass containers.

However, specific glass-type materials are not accepted, including:

 Drinking glasses;
 Light bulbs;
 Building or car windows in any state; and
 China/porcelain.