The 2023 calendar is on its way!

On behalf of the Township of Stanstead, I would like to personally thank you for participating in our search for photos for our 2023 municipal calendar.

Thank you for your generosity and for sharing your photos with us.

Keep up the good work and keep finding all the beauties of our beautiful municipality.

Here are the winners of this edition:

Terry Land, Robert Coallier, Susan Rose, Serban Teodoresco, Luc Tremblay, Christian Hurlow, Léa Whitworth, Pierre Martineau, Patrice Rancourt, Nadia Nadège, Brian Wharry, et James McGregor.

Thank you once again

Kimberley Whitworth

Community Development Agent

Here are the calendars :

Calendrier en photos 2023

Calendrier des collectes 2023