New by-law on boat washing in  Stanstead Township

Stanstead Township, Friday, March 24, 2023 – The municipal council of Stanstead Township has made changes and clarifications to the rules surrounding the use of boats on Lake Memphremagog and Lake Lovering.

The obligation to have a valid boat wash certificate before launching a boat on Lake Memphremagog has been in place for 20 years now. This obligation stems from the danger of importing invasive species from other bodies of water into the lakes of our territory.

Three types of certificates exist: the daily wash certificate, the weekly wash certificate and the seasonal user certificate.

All three certificates include the right to use a municipal boat launch and to park a vehicle and trailer in the adjacent municipal parking lot (in areas designated for this purpose), as well as the right to wash the boat. In the case of weekly wash and seasonal user certificates, this may be done repeatedly over the term of the certificate.

Residents may obtain a certificate without the need to wash their boat by providing a declaration that since the last wash, their boat has not been on any other body of water other than the one on which they are about to moor. Washing and user certificates are free of charge for Stanstead Township residents.

Uniform Rates
Since the MRC has standardized rates, we followed them.

For non-residents, the daily wash certificate rate is $60 for a motorized boat and $5 for a non-motorized boat, the weekly wash certificate rate is $150 and $15 respectively and the seasonal user certificate rate is $450. Finally, a marina renter will have to pay $250 or $30, depending on the type of boat.

Stanstead Township owns two boat ramps: one at Square Copp in the Georgeville sector on Lake Memphremagog and the other at Forand Park in the Fitch Bay sector.


Modified version : Draft By-law no. 464-2023 Boat launch fees- 3

The draft by-law will be adopted at the April 3 meeting.