Specific Project for the Construction, Alteration or Occupancy of a Building in the Municipality of the Township of Stanstead – Auberge McGowan
(PPCMOI – Projet particulier de construction, de modification ou d’occupation d’un immeuble).

Heritage Georgeville Inc. is proposing a demolition and reconstruction project for the Auberge McGowan, located on Lot 5 477 205 of the Quebec cadastre, at 51, rue du Carré Copp, commercial zone Cc-1. The new commercial building will include 115 places, including the bar, the terrace and the reception room, 7 hotel rooms, 2 lodgings and the garage of the Marina.

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Resolutions :

1- Résolution 20-05-681 Projet de résolution PPCMOI Auberge

1- Résolution 20-05-679 PIIA Auberge

1- Résolution 20-05-677 Auberge jugée prioritaire – COVID