The Township of Stanstead is moving forward with the goal of strengthening the vitality of the Fitch Bay Village. The municipality will be accompanied by the firm Rues principales, which has helped several other municipalities to highlight the strengths of the community and to develop a vision of development that is consistent and respectful of the identity of village.

The village of Fitch Bay has a beautiful history, the built environment contains many fine examples. The village has many attractions that attract visitors. Citizens are mobilizing to revive the Anglican Church, the commercial offer is essential and highly appreciated by citizens. These  are some highlights to value but there are also different elements that could be improved.

That is why the municipality, in concert with citizens involved in the community, wants to consult the people of the Township to receive their ideas, which, once implemented, will help boost the community, improve certain infrastructure and the appearance of the village. The process will look at security and mobility, find ways to increase the vitality of the commercial offer and pride in the village.

During the summer, there will be a survey that will be sent to you so that you can express yourself on these various issues. There will also be a public consultation in August to allow you to shar your vision of the Village of Fitch Bay and the solutions to enhance it.

We would like, if you wish, to receive in writing, your ideas, your vision, your expectations and concerns regarding the future development of the village core of Fitch Bay. You can send them to the municipality ( or drop off in the boxes that will be put at 1) Town Hall  2) Georgeville Copp’s Square postal boxes 3) Lake Lovering (Gendron and Marcoux roads).

We would also like to prepare a slideshow of photographs of the village “from yesterday to today” that will be presented to you during the public conference in August, so if you have beautiful photos to share, please drop them ff at the town hall or send via email to If you bring in your original images, we can scan them at the Town Hall and return your originals to you.

Here you are, hoping that many of you will join us in the project creating a revitalized village for years to come …

Christian Laporte for the

Revitalization Committee